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Ostrov poznání

Pohled č. 6 - pozdrav

Pozdrav od Manuely:


thanks for your wonderful card. I like the painted view.

Stay healthy, Manuela”

Pohled č. 6


Pohled č. 5 - pozdrav

I tento pohled našel svého majitele, pár řádků od něho

“Thank you for the nice and interesting card and the nice lines.


Pohled č. 5


Pohled č. 4 - pozdrav

Další pohled dorazil na místo určení, poděkování a pozdrav od Ann

“Thank you for the nice card, Vysoké Myto looks like a nice place to visit! All the best, Anne”

Pohled č. 4


Pohled č. 3


Pohled č. 2


Pohled č.1 - pozdrav

První pohled dorazil na místo určení. Vzkaz od Marion:

Dear pupils, dear teachers,

sunny greetings from northern germany to czech republic. At the moment we have over 30 degrees and it is very humid. But tonight there will be a thunderstorm. The nature will be very happy when it finally rains again. It is much too dry here!
Do you have to water your school garden so often?

Thank you very much for your beautiful postcard with the motif of Alphonse Mucha, I was very happy about it.

All the best for you and have fun harvesting the tomatoes, strawberries, radishes and salad.
Enjoy your meal,

Pohled č.1